Friday, April 29, 2011

Inseparable bonding of matching bridal sets

See the sparkle of a palladium diamond bridal set! If you closely observe them, the most attractive engagement rings would not be single rings but beautifully paired bridal set engagement rings. The best part of the matching bridal sets is that they integrate both an engagement ring and wedding band into one uniform design. Bridal set engagement rings have become a popular alternative to traditional individual rings and have been liked by women who dislike wearing more than one ring. Furthermore, couples prefer the sets as the cost is often less than purchasing an engagement ring and wedding ring separately.

On the wedding day, all the eyes would be on the bride who would be glowing with happiness. For enhancing her charm and beauty, the bride must wear perfect jewelry set that would complement with each other. This can be easily achieved by buying a bridal set comprising necklaces, earrings, bangles or bracelets and of course a wedding ring. She can shop for the complete bridal set instead of separately buying each item. By this way, a lot of money can also be saved.

There is a mesmerizing collection of matching bridal sets that come in different precious metals like gold, silver, white gold and platinum. Diamonds, emeralds, ruby and sapphire adorn the matching bridal set rings which would surely impress the bride to be. The palladium engagement bridal set with princess diamond accents, palladium diamond engraved sets, and white gold diamond engagement pave bridal sets available at jewelery shops would surely take your breath away. The choice of the bridal set however depends on one’s taste and affordability.

Basically there are two types of bridal set engagement rings; parallel rings and integrated rings. As the name suggests, parallel rings are separate rings and either ring can be worn by itself. Usually in a parallel set the wedding band typically does not have raised stones or other elaborate details. On the other hand, in an integrated bridal set, there would be more elaborate design pairs.

Since the bridal sets are imaginatively put together and meant to be worn together, Many Jewelers offer an exquisite range of integrated rings in brilliant crafted diamonds. The bride to be must browse through our engagement ring set collection and go for a ring that would match her wedding gown and other accessories. The wedding set would look fabulous if it blends perfectly with the bride’s attire.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Passionate feel of heart shape diamond engagement rings

Do you wish to create an engagement ring that is timeless, elegant and cherished? The very first option in front of you would be a heart shaped diamond engagement ring. They are not only unique but also beautiful, nostalgic and symbolic representation of the couple’s impending union. Couples should choose a quality stone and numerous ring designs are possible with the diamond shape.

For creating the symmetrical pair of lobes and characteristic point, the heart shape diamond would have several planes and cut. The diamond often adorning the engagement rings frequently exhibits a deep bow tie shadow effect as it cut contains both convex and concave angles as well as a more elongated shape. It is however similar to marquise cut though it is very rare in high quality stones.

The most popular engagement ring design for heart shaped diamond or gemstone would be with solitaire in prong or tiffany settings. The gemstone requires five prongs in which four would secure the body of the stone and the additional prong would protect the pointed tip. In three stone engagement rings, the heart shape would be paired well with round, emerald or oval accent stones. Usually channel settings are preferred for accents since they are more subtle. The heart shapes are a popular romantic option for the art deco rings that utilize bold shapes and unusual styles..

Before purchasing the heart shaped diamond ring, couples should consider if it would be appropriate for their relationship. The heart shape diamonds are best suited for women with delicate, slender fingers since the shape is bulkier than other diamond shapes.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Unbreakable bonding of ruby engagement rings

Even though the engagement ring adorns the hand, it is actually close to the heart. What more perfect than a ruby engagement ring to cherish the love that you have in your heart. Most couples think of diamonds when it comes to choosing the stone for their engagement ring. Since rubies are said to symbolize passion, strength and devotion, they certainly have romance about them. Nothing can light up the darkness in your life like true love and ancient legends speak that ruby has the power to illuminate darkness.

Apart from these reasons, you can also go for a ruby engagement ring if your fiancée is born in the month of July as it is their birthstone. So the engagement and birthday would be celebrated in style and in a perfect way. Rubies adorning the engagement rings would vary in quality and size. But the most striking feature of a ruby is its color. The color of the ruby varies from the palest pinks to very deep red. Generally the color of the stone is determined by the amounts of iron and chromium present during its formation.

If you are particular about diamonds in your ring, you can use rubies as accent stones or even they are excellent choices in a three stone engagement ring. A ruby engagement ring would surely stand as a symbol of your love and commitment. And ancient lore says that a ruby has the capacity to get back your true love after a lover’s tiff. So make sure you have these beautiful rich red rubies in your engagement ring for eternal happiness in your love life.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Emerald engagement rings dominate the charts

Are you a non traditionalist and wish to make a statement with your engagement ring? go for Emerald as they are fun, glamorous and compliments any skin tone and attire. An emerald engagement ring is an excellent choice for those who wish to add sparkle and excitement to their engagement.

Emeralds are not just something which came out of the rack recently. It has been a favorite choice as engagement and wedding ring since a long time starting from the early Egyptians. They had enjoyed a celebrated popularity in the ancient Rome. It has been said that Cleopatra had emeralds cut to her likeness and Napoleon choose emeralds for Josephine personally. So why don’t your Cleopatra wear an emerald engagement ring?

Basically emeralds are the green constituents of the beryl mineral family and when they possess a clear cut, can be worth as much as the diamond. However most often emerald is considered in the same price category of sapphire. The qualities of emeralds are never ending. They are known to promote clairvoyance and healing in the wearer and moreover the stone enhances feelings of love and commitment. In addition emeralds are considered symbol of new beginnings. Thus there is no doubt that they would be perfect choice as engagement rings.

Here are some few facts about emeralds. They mineral required can be either mined or grown synthetically. Synthetic ones are more preferred as they are cost effective and less prone to imperfections. You would get the desired look without causing a hole in your pocket.