Thursday, March 17, 2011

Novelty of fancy colored diamond engagement rings

Think of a valuable diamond and what comes into your mind would be a flawless and colorless stone. But the truth is that fancy colored diamonds can actually be more expensive and valuable than any elite traditional gem. There are various factors that determine the worthiness of a colored diamond like inherent perfection, specific color hue and intensity and also the rarity of the gem. 

Basically a pure diamond is the crystalline form of carbon and it would be free from additional minerals or elements that may distort the stone and its structure. However some other elements are incorporated into the chemical makeup of most natural diamonds while they are formed. These additional elements add color to the stones. The stone’s tint would vary depending on what additional element had become part of the crystal structure. Radiation absorption is another way by which the diamonds gain color. This occurs when the stone’s crystals are warped or twisted they would absorb light in different ways. Thus the stone would appear in different colors even without additional chemicals added in it. 

The quality and value of a fancy colored diamond would be determined by considering different criteria. Usually all the diamonds irrespective of its color would be graded on its carat weight, clarity and cut precision and the fourth factor is color. In fancy color diamonds, the tint is naturally the most significant factor while evaluating the quality. There are three elements of the stone that becomes significant to its overall value namely the specific hue of color, its consistency, and the intensity. To be precise, it can be said that the stone would have more value if the color is deeper. This is more effective in light shades like yellow and pink. An elegant fancy colored diamond would shine brightly in a bold consistent color which would be unaffected by gradients or other variations. However, flaws are more noticeable in colored diamonds because they cannot be mistaken for light refraction like in colorless tones. 

The stone’s quality and clarity determines the price of the fancy diamonds. A small stone with rich color would be more valuable than a larger stone with average quality. Hence the colored stones are more expensive than comparable colorless diamonds. So many couple would not go for the colored ones and hence seek affordable alternatives. 

If you want to make the most of fancy colored diamonds in engagement rings, make sure to choose a simple ring design that would not detract from the beauty of the stone. The setting should highlight the stone rather than surpass it. Moreover the accent stones must also complement the colored central diamond than compete with it. While choosing the ring’s metal, make sure that you avoid contrasting ones. Usually white and platinum are preferred since they are strong enough to protect a valuable stone. And also their neutral color would not affect the diamond in the ring. 

Since the fancy colored rings are rare and distinguished, they are highly sought after for engagement rings as well as for other stunning jewelry. Couples can wisely choose the diamond that would come in their budget after understanding the reasons behind the color of the diamond and also how that particular color is affecting the value.

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