Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Enchanting beauty of heart shaped diamond engagement rings

The heart shaped diamond engagement rings are the best and most elegant option for marking the impending union of a couple. The romantic shape of the ring is both unusual and instantly recognizable. But the couples have to extremely careful while selecting a heart shaped ring since it is important to note the characteristics that make the ring valuable. Also the users should know how to protect the delicate shape.

Gemologists suggest that the ideal proportion for the heart shape is a 1:1 length to width ratio, though stones can be found both thicker and thinner. However the ultimate decision is in the hands of the couples who would select the stone of their preference. Here the shape should also match the finger shape of the bride. While considering the carat size, there are some heart shaped diamond engagement rings that would be less than one third carat stone. This is popular since smaller stones do not show the point and matching indentation like stones with a larger surface area. If the stones are too small, it may appear to be poorly distorted round cuts than fancy shapes.

The couples should essentially consider several characteristics while examining a heart shaped diamond. It is essentially important to check if the lobes are symmetrically balanced as an unbalanced cut will look lopsided or distorted. Find out if its point centered with respect to the lobes. And also see if the point is rounded or sharp. Here a rounded tip would indicate a poor quality cut. Find the size of the shadow as it indicates the overall quality of the cut. Check whether the lobes and point are clearly visible to accentuate the shape. If the stone is too small or is in indistinct shape, then it would look to be distorted or poor quality. The color of the stone should also be acceptable since a low quality color may be visible at the corners of cut. Once the couples have selected the diamond, they can go for the different styles if engagement rings in heart shape.

It would be delighting for the couples to find a plethora of heart shaped diamond rings designs. The most famous ones being the solitaires in prong settings. However the heart shaped gems require five prongs; four would be needed to secure the body of the stone and an additional prong would safeguard the pointed tip. Some couples find it exciting to place three heart shaped diamonds together representing the past, present and future of them. They would prefer the three stone rings. Then comes the accented rings in which the heart shapes would be well paired with round emerald or oval accent stones. But it would be better not to use too many shapes as it would spoil the overall beauty of the center stone.

It is important to consider the whether it is appropriate to go for a heart shaped engagement ring before the couples go for the purchase. Though the shape would convey the love and romance involved, many people consider it as too bold and cliché. Moreover make sure to use only diamond heart shaped rings with other stones can only be considered as token of friendship.


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