Friday, April 1, 2011

Emerald engagement rings dominate the charts

Are you a non traditionalist and wish to make a statement with your engagement ring? go for Emerald as they are fun, glamorous and compliments any skin tone and attire. An emerald engagement ring is an excellent choice for those who wish to add sparkle and excitement to their engagement.

Emeralds are not just something which came out of the rack recently. It has been a favorite choice as engagement and wedding ring since a long time starting from the early Egyptians. They had enjoyed a celebrated popularity in the ancient Rome. It has been said that Cleopatra had emeralds cut to her likeness and Napoleon choose emeralds for Josephine personally. So why don’t your Cleopatra wear an emerald engagement ring?

Basically emeralds are the green constituents of the beryl mineral family and when they possess a clear cut, can be worth as much as the diamond. However most often emerald is considered in the same price category of sapphire. The qualities of emeralds are never ending. They are known to promote clairvoyance and healing in the wearer and moreover the stone enhances feelings of love and commitment. In addition emeralds are considered symbol of new beginnings. Thus there is no doubt that they would be perfect choice as engagement rings.

Here are some few facts about emeralds. They mineral required can be either mined or grown synthetically. Synthetic ones are more preferred as they are cost effective and less prone to imperfections. You would get the desired look without causing a hole in your pocket.

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