Thursday, April 7, 2011

Unbreakable bonding of ruby engagement rings

Even though the engagement ring adorns the hand, it is actually close to the heart. What more perfect than a ruby engagement ring to cherish the love that you have in your heart. Most couples think of diamonds when it comes to choosing the stone for their engagement ring. Since rubies are said to symbolize passion, strength and devotion, they certainly have romance about them. Nothing can light up the darkness in your life like true love and ancient legends speak that ruby has the power to illuminate darkness.

Apart from these reasons, you can also go for a ruby engagement ring if your fiancée is born in the month of July as it is their birthstone. So the engagement and birthday would be celebrated in style and in a perfect way. Rubies adorning the engagement rings would vary in quality and size. But the most striking feature of a ruby is its color. The color of the ruby varies from the palest pinks to very deep red. Generally the color of the stone is determined by the amounts of iron and chromium present during its formation.

If you are particular about diamonds in your ring, you can use rubies as accent stones or even they are excellent choices in a three stone engagement ring. A ruby engagement ring would surely stand as a symbol of your love and commitment. And ancient lore says that a ruby has the capacity to get back your true love after a lover’s tiff. So make sure you have these beautiful rich red rubies in your engagement ring for eternal happiness in your love life.

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  1. Bracelet is very unique and exclusive. Which stone you used in making this bracelet. Is it diamond ?? It seems to be expensive one..
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