Friday, April 15, 2011

Passionate feel of heart shape diamond engagement rings

Do you wish to create an engagement ring that is timeless, elegant and cherished? The very first option in front of you would be a heart shaped diamond engagement ring. They are not only unique but also beautiful, nostalgic and symbolic representation of the couple’s impending union. Couples should choose a quality stone and numerous ring designs are possible with the diamond shape.

For creating the symmetrical pair of lobes and characteristic point, the heart shape diamond would have several planes and cut. The diamond often adorning the engagement rings frequently exhibits a deep bow tie shadow effect as it cut contains both convex and concave angles as well as a more elongated shape. It is however similar to marquise cut though it is very rare in high quality stones.

The most popular engagement ring design for heart shaped diamond or gemstone would be with solitaire in prong or tiffany settings. The gemstone requires five prongs in which four would secure the body of the stone and the additional prong would protect the pointed tip. In three stone engagement rings, the heart shape would be paired well with round, emerald or oval accent stones. Usually channel settings are preferred for accents since they are more subtle. The heart shapes are a popular romantic option for the art deco rings that utilize bold shapes and unusual styles..

Before purchasing the heart shaped diamond ring, couples should consider if it would be appropriate for their relationship. The heart shape diamonds are best suited for women with delicate, slender fingers since the shape is bulkier than other diamond shapes.

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